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With the internet taking the world by storm, organizations worldwide have begun to create a strong online presence for themselves, leading to the evolution of online or Digital Marketing. Right from social media advertising to email marketing, all forms of online communication seem to fall under the radar of this concept. With the rise of the gig economy, Digital Marketing is expected to create and have already begun producing a lot of entrepreneurs and self-employment opportunities.

So what is the best way to learn this skill? Why, through an online program or distance learning in Digital Marketing, of course.

Before getting into the several ways you can learn Digital Marketing through distance learning, let’s take a closer look at what both these terms mean.

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple terms, any form of marketing that uses an electronic device or service can be called Digital Marketing. It is an umbrella term that encompasses a huge variety of options like social media, email, websites, and much more.

Digital Marketing has been proven to have a lot more outreach than traditional marketing methods which are limited by the medium used, distance, and time. Since the internet offers a solution to all three obstacles, brands now have an endless list of possibilities when it comes to communicating with their audience and spreading brand awareness.

Distance Learning and its Types

Any kind of learning that doesn’t necessitate a student attending a classroom regularly to take up coursework usually falls under ‘distance learning’. It’s a great option for people who cannot afford to travel from remote locations and for working professionals who don’t want to give up their jobs while pursuing higher education. There are different methods of distance learning. The key to effectively learn online is to understand and choose the method that best matches your schedule and learning goals.

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning: Synchronous learning involves programs where students learn ‘at the same time’ through methods like teleconferencing or attending webinars online. Asynchronous learning, on the other hand, lets students learn at their convenience but within a set deadline.
  • The best example of this method is an online course that is available for a fixed amount of time, within which students have to go through the material and pass online tests or submit assignments.
  • Electronic Learning: E-learning is a term given to learning things online through a personal computer or laptop or any other electronic device. All forms of distance learning that involve communication or certification through such devices fall under this term.
  • Hybrid Learning: An adaptive system that combines both synchronous and asynchronous learning, involves implementing deadlines where necessary while allowing students to study at their own pace. It is most suited for courses like an online MBA, where the takers are mostly working professionals. The course can be customized according to the chosen syllabus.
  • Fixed Time Programs or Courses: A subset of synchronous learning, fixed time programs usually involve setting up an online session or webinar at a particular time and virtual location or platform.

Role of Distance Learning in Digital Marketing Mastery

 A lot of popular marketers began their journey by understanding the role of distance learning in Digital Marketing and utilizing it in the most effective way possible for them. The best way to master a skill like Digital Marketing is by opting for the several distance learning options available online. Here are some common choices to choose from:

Online Courses: There are plenty of amazing Digital Marketing courses available online catering to the learning goals of anyone who might be interested, right from a beginner to a more advanced professional. A lot of professionals create online courses themselves, pricing them nominally to reach out to younger crowds.

Youtube Tutorials: YouTube is a key social media and content creation platform and is a major part of Digital Marketing. A lot of budding digital marketers put out the lessons they’ve learned on Youtube to attract audiences to their website or sell courses. These are great resources to get started with if you’re looking for cheaper, student-friendly options of distance learning in Digital Marketing.

Self-Learning: If you’re a self-driven individual whose key strengths are time management and discipline, self-learning is the way to go. This method encompasses creating a personalized and customized way of learning online, including a mix of the above-mentioned options to best suit your learning needs and goals.

Starting something of your own: The best way to learn a bike is by riding; the same rule applies to Digital Marketing too. A lot of marketers who are doing well for themselves started with their websites and learning by trial and error. They tried out each method on their own, with google as their master and learned with each mistake.

This is a great method to choose if you’re a person who isn’t bound by time constraints and are ready to risk the small amount of money you need to invest in building a proper presence online.

By choosing the appropriate method of distance learning that suits you and syncing it with the best option available online, you can make the best of the distance learning in Digital Marketing and upskill yourself for the numerous employment opportunities in the field.


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