Video Marketing

The video digital marketing is often used for generating digital content. Its dissemination is easy through the internet and the audiovisual component makes it attractive to all types of audiences. It is one of the best ways to show the benefits of a product in an attractive way in addition, they help to identify the customer with the brand.

It is important to know what the trend is in the use of video marketing and the repercussions that using this resource may have for your company. In its digital format it can be a great enhancer of your business brand.

The rise of video as a king format

According to a study during 2018 almost 70 percent of data traffic on the internet was in video format. If they follow current growth trends like explainer animation video agency, it could go as high as 82 percent in 2022.

What is the reason for this success? First, we must indicate that we are being heirs to the television culture in which these audiovisual content predominated. Digital content allows us to easily personalize the content we receive. There are multiple devices from which you can access.

From television we have moved to mobile phones, tablets and computers. The audiovisual industry has taken a turn and the user who has already been consuming videos in a massive way, now has the option of doing it in a personalized way. Therefore its attractiveness increases considerably.

Formats are opened in which it is possible for product advertising to appear more naturally without that feeling of interruption appearing.

Digital video marketing strategies

To create a good strategy it is essential to know the situation in which the business is and the objective to which it is wanted to reach. Do not lose sight of the final recipient of the video, who will be the true protagonist of the video.

It is important that the video is as personalized as possible. While browsing the networks there are many possible distractions. Therefore, the content must be as attractive as possible. The best way is to get the consumer’s identification with the product and its values.

For this we find several formats. We can find that this identification with the consumer is total. In these videos, the client is the protagonist and emotional involvement is usually sought through storytelling.

Others what is sought is that the video has a purely functional value of description of the product but as useful information of the customer who is going to consume. In this case we find the tutorial videos or the famous unpacking.

If what we want is that our clients feel identified with our values ​​in a more formal way, we can use digital video marketing as a cover letter. This would fit more into the concept of traditional advertising and we find it in corporate videos, for example.

The important thing is to be clear to whom the video is directed and what intention we want to convey. It is important that we get to know our audience well as we have to make every effort to capture their full attention. And this is due to what we are going to explain next.

Ephemeral content

One of the great disadvantages of digital video marketing is that the impact of the publications is reduced to a short period of time. Once elapsed if the desired goal has not been achieved, it may not be achieved.

This is due to the enormous amount of content that is in the networks. Therefore, it is necessary to control which platform best responds to the profile of our client. Each platform usually covers one type of customer.

This is especially true on social media.

Videos on social media

Posts are more likely to be seen and shared if they contain a video.

YouTube is more used by millennials and centennials, like Instagram. Facebook is mostly used by users between the ages of 25 and 35. We also have Snapchat, Twitter, and Vimeo.

On these platforms, videos last a very short time, at most a little more than two minutes in some cases. Therefore, the time is tight and the impact to be created must be maximized. We also have the ability to broadcast live videos, which is revolutionizing the world of digital video marketing. You can attend the experience live and at the same time as its protagonist.

The group between 16 and 25 years old consumes an average of more than 9 hours in front of Internet videos, compared to just over 6 hours in front of television. The lower the age of the user, the greater the video consumption on the networks. This makes it clear that the future of advertising is in digital video marketing.