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Is it essential that a video for networks have audio?

There are many users who often wonder if “it is essential that a video for networks have audio”; So in this article we will give you the answer and we will tell you everything you need to know to start making really attractive animated videos without audio.

Animated videos without audio

Can a video have no sound? For many people this would be unthinkable, since a video usually has a sequence of images and is accompanied by sound. But this does not have to be like this!

You know why? Because many people play videos from their smartphone on the street or in closed spaces where noise cannot be made; so for all these cases, an animated video without audio is the best possible option. So no, it is not essential that a video for networks have audio.

A clear example is found on Facebook. By default, the video playback is not automatic and, in addition, the sound is deactivated and you have to click to activate it. This is a bit to avoid the annoyance of any background noise starting to play inadvertently.

And to meet this need, that’s where animated videos without audio come in. They don’t have any kind of music or sound; so it is simply made up of Whiteboard Video Animation that can say even much more than a conventional video.

These animation videos can be accompanied by a sequence of images of all kinds, with speech bubbles that say texts, etc. There are no limits; so it is becoming more and more common that is why we tell you, because we are not always interested in the videos having sound to access certain information.

Video infographics without audio

In the case of video infographics, they are usually videos characterized by surprising images that manage to convey a great message. Aesthetically, they are usually very beautiful, attractive and tend to attract attention, in such a way that the user ends up seeing it.

The infographics video without audio we are telling a story or without audio for it. So in the age of video and images, where we read less and less text and watch more video, they can be really useful.

Where are videos without audio used?

The videos without audio are common in social networks, because users enter and continually encounter many videos. And, the fact that it has no sound and says everything only through images, it is more convenient to access information more easily and faster. Also, also to avoid uncomfortable situations (such as being reproduced with sound when we are on a bus, a cafeteria … and we do not want to make noise).

For this reason, more and more marketing agencies, companies or online stores decide to advertise their products or services on social networks through animated videos without audio. We have produced a multitude of videos in which music and animated images promote the product or service to be broadcast, without the need to incorporate a voice-over.

Likewise, storyboards are also one of the examples in which it is not necessary to show sound to say a lot.

Advantages of videos without audio for social networks

  • More comfortable for the user: the fact of not having to activate the sound to listen to them is more comfortable, because you simply have to press play to see what it contains.
  • They say much more in less: this type of video infographics without audio tend to say much more than a conventional video and in less time.
  • They take up less space: another advantage when managing videos is size, since we are not always interested in showing users very heavy videos. As they do not carry sound, they are lighter.

Why opt for videos without audio for networks?

Based on all these advantages, we could say that it is a trend that is booming. And when something works and starts to spread like wildfire, it becomes an opportunity for many SMEs or marketing agencies that explore new communication channels to reach users.

So if you want to offer your customers something new, innovative and that really brings them much more; Opting for these new types of videos could help you improve your user community and increase the number of followers.