leadership and strategic management

Management is concerned about persuading people to do what they dont want to do, while leadership is concerned about inspiring people to do what they never thought they could. – Steve Jobs

Surely there are distinctions between leadership and management, but they are related to one another and complementary to controlling and coordinating activities in an organization. Leaders, on the one hand, operates at the top of the hierarchy, whereas managers operate on lower levels. Despite this difference, leadership and strategic management are not a north pole or the south pole, but two sides of the same coin. And just like a coin, there is value to each side; it’s a win-win toss – each side, when skills are sufficient, produces outcomes that are beneficial for the organization.

Balancing Behaviors

The difference between strategic management and leadership is defined by specific but balancing activities. – John Kotter

The nature of the relationship linking these two functions can be summarized by contrasting the leadership actions of directing, aligning, and inspiring with management actions of planning, organization, directing, and controlling. A better view of these functions can be gained by pursuing an online executive program in leadership, but here’s a summary to help you get started.

  • Setting Direction vs Planning and Budgeting

Leadership, on the one hand, is concerned with developing a future and purpose by accompanying strategies that can facilitate change towards the vision of the organization. Contrastly, management is concerned with setting targets and goals, establishing and sequencing the actions steps, and allocating resources so that plans can be achieved in due course to serve the overall purpose of the organization.

  • Aligning People vs Organizing and Staffing

Leadership works towards bringing the people together, including the employees and the stakeholders, to achieve the organizational goals. Management, on the other hand, creates organizational structures capable of accomplishing plan requirement; staff the appropriate tasks with qualified people, and assign sufficient authority and responsibility to assure flawless implementation is achieved.

  • Inspiring People vs Controlling and Problem-solving

The leadership is responsible for moving people in the right direction despite the obstacles and challenges by helping them fulfil their basic human needs, values, and emotions. Management, conversely, empowers people and creates an environment where the workforce is willing to take risks and make decisions.

Bottom Line

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