Looking For A Job Clean Your Social Networks

Social networks are a gold mine for those responsible for human resources. According to surveys, many companies look for their future workers through them and, specifically, LinkedIn is the most consulted network to expand their employee pools. Also Facebook and Twitter are widely used tools.

Double edged sword

If we use this to our advantage, a social network can become a great cover letter for our work profile, it can put us in contact with large companies that would be difficult to access by more conventional means or it provides us with useful contacts in everything the world. But at the same time, a social network used irresponsibly can destroy our public image with a couple of compromised photos or some inappropriate comments.

The first thing they do in human resources

Let’s put ourselves for a moment in the shoes of a human resources manager, who gets our perfect resume or our careful LinkedIn profile. At first, all the information we provide seems to fit perfectly, and has to type our name and surname in Google to access our public profile on the other more… personal social networks. And who wouldn’t do such a helpful and simple check before hiring someone in your company? Well today, nobody. Not even someone with a common name like Martinez. Social media is an open book about our lives, our likes and dislikes.

The necessary self-assessment

Now, objectively, let’s think about what our profile says about us: Do we have any photos that we wouldn’t want to show in a job interview? Any comment about coming home on all fours after a party? Anything about politics or religion that may be offensive to those who do not think like us? Have we shared any risqué content? Most of us would answer yes to all of these questions. And what would Mrs. Martinez do after finding a photo of us vomiting in a garbage can? Well, discard and move on to another curriculum.

Before, putting on formal clothes and going to an interview with the face of not having broken a plate worked perfectly, but now, the Web is a great snitch that records everything we do and releases it to the first one who knows how to search. Things have changed a lot and very fast, and sometimes it is not easy to understand the scope and impact that a simple comment can have.

And what do we do now?

The best thing is that we try to filter our publications with a little common sense. That we try to ask ourselves if what we are about to upload to the Internet could harm us now or in the future and that we discard those contents that we would not want to define us. Or that before launching into the difficult world of finding work, we erase our compromised past; But beware, maybe someone has saved the evidence …

But on the other hand, social networks are also entertainment, a meeting place with our friends, a place to debate, to laugh and share our experiences. If we only used them for work things, they would be so boring!

The other me having fun

The profiles in networks are associated with email accounts and email accounts with names and surnames. We create a public profile that represents us face to the companies with our true data, in which, without lying, we highlight those of our qualities that may be of interest in the labor market, where we reflect our experience, our studies with a digital title   so that be accessible to any Bill Gates looking for workers to pay a pasture, with photos that give the best image of us and coherent, well-written comments, without misspellings. And on the other hand, and to get the most out of the fun of the networks, we believe ghost writer that we all have inside and let him enjoy. How could it be otherwise, a false name that anyone can see, but only our friends know who it really belongs to; He has his profiles associated with another email account that is not related to the authentic one and he can say and do whatever he wants, sheltered by the comfortable invisibility cloak that he provides anonymity in pure Bruce Wayne-Batman style.

Finally, we must understand that everything that reaches the Internet stays on the Internet (unless we spend the day glued to the computer deleting everything that is published) and that today’s party should never spoil the great job opportunity in the morning. If we use the networks consciously, knowing that they are an open window to our life, we can close the curtains in time and not regret it later.