Effective communication is a pivotal part of success in any organization. When it comes to internal communication strategy, the first thing that comes to mind is emails and then meetings. However, there is now a new concept that is turning heads in the organization is videos. Contrary to emails and meetings, a video doesn’t impinge on the employees’ working hours, nor does it get overlooked.

Utilizing corporate video is a highly effective way to deliver important information to your employees, investors, customers, stakeholders, and partners. It helps save time, effort, and money to deliver corporate communications in the entire enterprise. That’s one of the significant reasons many corporations get in touch with a professional corporate video production company to get the job done effectively. In this blog, we’ll learn why corporate videos are essential for the overall success of an internal communication strategy.

Videos Close The Gap For Remote Employees

In today’s world, the workplace isn’t the only place where you work. As per a survey, 70% of employees also do some of the work from their homes. As a result, companies stay ahead of the competition. However, some projects require people to be present in the workplace for efficient productivity. It becomes bigger problem when employees have a timezone difference. Harvard reports that loneliness makes one of the most significant impacts on remotely working employees’ minds.

Therefore, video conferencing, video messages, and live streams are the best way to overcome that predicament. As a result, remotely working employees can be connected with one another.

Corporate Video Creates a Purpose

Effective internal communication isn’t just about addressing internal matters but also about motivating employees. It contributes to building long-lasting companionship among employees and ensuring that employees and the company are on the same page.

In the current world, most employees lack motivation and don’t have anything to do with the company’s goals and objectives. Almost half of the employees (Millennials and Gen Z) discontented with the current position at work and willing to quit if given the opportunity. This is a huge challenge for top management as dissatisfied employees cost the United States as high as 500 billion dollars annually. Corporate videos can help curb this situation. Most companies have tremendous outcomes in gaining employee engagement through video training programs. Video is the ultimate medium to help in comprehending information easily.

Zenith reports that an average individual watches approximately 84 minutes of video on a daily basis, and that number will increase up to 100 minutes by 2021. Expert marketers value the importance of videos and leverage it to boost employee engagement, improve productivity and retention, and deliver highly complex information in a digestible manner.


Today, one of the biggest challenges top-management faces is keeping employees engaged and happy. Video is one of the most effective tools to regain their trust in employees’ minds. It bridges the gap between the employee working remotely and conveys complex information, which is easy to understand. Corporations can achieve big success when they align their employees to their goals and long-term objectives.