Top 10 Investment Apps for 2020

Gone are the days when you have to assist your financial adviser for hours on phone or meeting to invest your money. Nowadays you can do investing easily with the help of a handful of top investment apps. Investment apps have become the best platforms for new and professional investors who are busy in involving themselves in the stock market.

These dedicated apps offer a variety of top-notch services and are also loaded with great features. Whether you are a professional or a newbie investor, you will surely get done with improved portfolio and better money saving strategies after using the best investment apps and tools.

No matter if you are buying stocks for the first time or doing investment from years, with a smartphone and some of these top investment apps all you can do the investment things in just a few taps. Get a tailored portfolio of yours, trade your stocks, shift money and check your performance easily by using one of the best investment apps.

Let’s have a look at the featured list of top investment apps:

1. Robinhood


This app could be the best possible investment app for beginners. You wouldn’t have to break your bank to pay fees for this app as it costs a little. Robinhood offers low-cost stock trades having zero commission and added charges.

With Robinhood investment can be done in four simple steps. Just download and install the app, connect it to your bank account, a fund that particular account and start trading with the nominal fare. One of the best things about this particular app is that it cuts out a huge amount of cost generally associated with an investment app.



Stash is also a budget-friendly investment app that makes it possible to develop a diverse portfolio at a comparatively lower cost. This app doesn’t do automatic investment and helps you learn to make the best possible investment decisions by yourself. Stash also helps you learn a lot about investment policies and strategies by providing educational content specially customized according to your investment preferences.

This app comes with multiple users plans to suit every investor and I have featured those plans below too:

  • $3/Month – Bank, brokerage and retirement accounts
  • $9/Month – Dual custodial accounts, strong reward structure, upgraded debit card, monthly investment research
  • $5 – Fees for opening account, 60 ETF and 150 stocks



If you want to invest regularly as well as don’t want to think a lot about your investments then Acorns could be the best app to go with. This app is designed to invest the user’s fund automatically in professionally managed ETF portfolios. If you are a college student having a .edu email then you can use this investment app for free for four years after registration.



Clink functions a little bit different from the rest of the investment apps featured here. This is a kind of saving based investment app which invests your funds automatically on a scheduled date. Just link your bank accounts and credit cards to this amazingly designed investment app and enjoy mess-free investment.

With this investment app, you get an option to transfer a particular percentage of your daily or monthly expenses and savings to your Clink account. This app also lets its users schedule a fixed amount of funds to be transferred into their Clink account on a daily or a monthly basis.



Every investment app works on different algorithms and is unique so does Wealthfront. This app can help you build wealth by performing passive investments. This particular app is developed with built-in intelligence which keeps an eye on the risk tolerance at the same time it also helps it, users, to maximize their investments.

It is very easy to get started with Wealthfront. Connect your important accounts with this app and Wealthfront will automatically learn about your finances by analyzing transactions of your bank accounts. This app builds personalized investment strategies exclusive for you according to your expense behavior.



ETrade can be proved the best investment app for the investors who don’t prefer automatic investments and do it manually. This app provides more power to its users by offering a wide range of assets including mutual funds, stocks, futures, ETFs and the list goes on.

ETrade makes the investment process more mess-free and easy by providing expert ideas and interactive charts. You can easily get benefitted by digging into your investment stats, company news, dividends, and other useful metrics. Due to an array of assets and embedded educational tools, ETrade has become of the most popular investment apps among the community of investors.

7.Personal Capital

Personal Capital

You may find the Personal Capital investment app’s minimum balance high but it is worth it. It comes with robust saving tools and attractive user plans. You will get the assistance of both Robo and human advisors for a $100,000 account and dedicated financial advisors will assist you if you own an account of more than $200,000. The basic fee for using Personal Capital is merely 0.89% and you have to pay just 0.40% if you have a large balance.

What you will get in return for your fee?? Well that’s a good question to ask and the answer is featured below:

  • A handful of financial planning tools for tracking spending, retirement progress, net worth, portfolio performance and more
  • A retirement paycheck planner
  • Personal capital cash (a saving type account with a huge interest rate of approximately 2.3%)



Betterment targets mostly young investors who prefer dealing with socially responsible companies. This investment app offers uniquely designed SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) portfolios to its users. Other than SRI’s Betterment also deals in ETFs and other relevant assets too. To increase its reach among the newbie and professional investors, Betterment comes with two different services.

  • Betterment Digital – Requires no minimum account and takes 0.25% management fare
  • Betterment Premium – $100,000 minimum required and a fee of 0.40%. You will get access to unlimited phone sessions with the top certified investment advisors and financial planners.

9.Ally Invest

Ally Invest

Best for both experienced and new investors, this amazing investment app is loaded with solid educational materials as well as offers a fair fee structure. One of the best things about this app is that it helps its users in earning a bonus of $50 with just $10,000 deposit and the earnings thorough bonus can increase up to $3,500 for the maximum deposit.



Now, this is something unique and exciting. A dedicated investment app for couples, whether you want to invest along with your better half, girlfriend, friend or any other person, this personalized investment app can help you do the same.

You both individuals can keep separate accounts and portfolios in the same app. Twine has a very simple user interface and comes with three different portfolio choices including conservative, moderate and aggressive. Twine deals in multiple assets such as ETFs, bonds, stocks, etc. Twine can be proved the best app for people with less experience in the investment world and short term savers kind of persons.

Bottom Line:

Top-notch investment apps can help investors to proceed with the most painless way of investing in stocks and other kinds of assets. Every app is unique and has a different fee structure. Make sure to go through every detail of a particular investment app before making it the one.

When it comes to investment apps, there are thousands of them but not everyone is worth downloading and pay. You have to have to spend hours filtering the best one for you and I have done that job for you by featuring the top 10 investment apps for 2020 here.