Logo Designs To Promote Your Brand

3 Amazing Logo Designs To Promote Your Brand

Logo designs are the identification of your business. It helps you to get recognition from your customers in the marketplace. There are several types of logo design but not everyone fits our industry. You have to choose a perfect design that helps you to boost your business.

Though designing a logo can be tough but you can create some amazing ones for yourself with professional help. To get that help you just need to search a logo designer in your range. Research your industry and search Cheap Logo Design Melbourne to find the best one around you.

There are several types of logo designs like wordmarks, brand marks, emblem, lettermarks, and combination designs. You just have to pick the one that fits perfectly for your business.

The Most Common Logo Designs For Your Business

Here are the most common designs used by well-known brands.

  • Wordmarks
  • Monogram logos
  • Pictorial design


One of the simplest designs, you just have to use your business name or any message to create a design. There are tons of examples on Wordmarks, just find your inspiration and add your creativity into it. Though these marks have a little space for creativity you can play with colours and font styles in this type.

You can think of wordmark logos like Visa and Coca-Cola logo designs. These are simply brand names with different colours and also attract the audience in no time. Google is also the best example of this type. It is a catchy and memorable name with several colours like red, blue, green, yellow.

A simple design when united with strong typography helps in creating strong brand recognition in the marketplace.

Monogram logos

This type of logo design is a decorative one rather than a wordmark and pictorial design. You can add your creativity while designing a logo for your business. Monogram logos are also known as a combination of more than one letter to create a single symbol.

Most businesses use the initials of a person or business to create these types of designs. The most famous example of this type is the Chanel brand’s logo. Chanel has used the initial letter that is C two times to create a unique identity for their brand.

Pictorial design

One of the most attractive types of logo design has some icon or graphics-based design in it. You can use any icon related to your brand. For instance, your industry is about restaurants or food then anything related like chef or food bowl will go perfect with the logo.

If you want to create this type of mark for your business then choose a picture. You can also add a picture that comes to your mind while thinking about your business. Sketch your idea and share it with your team. They will help you in creating a professional logo for your brand.

The logo designs of Apple and the Twitter bird are two of the best examples of pictorial marks. 

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