5 Principles of Email Marketing

Email marketing (or emailing) is a communication strategy used mainly in a commercial approach to the contacts of a company. Emailing is an effective method for:

  1. promote a product, service and / or brand
  2. increase your sales,
  3. generate traffic to your site,
  4. retain your customers
  5. personalize your communication.

In addition, contrary to some perceptions, emailing is not dead! In 2017, over 156 million emails were sent every minute. This statistic jumped almost 20% in 2018, to 187 million emails per minute.

49% of people immediately check their emails when they wake up.

Emailing is a way to reach a large number of people. For marketers, the main goal is to generate leads and even sales. Of all digital tactics, it is the oldest and most established. Moreover, it is by far the most efficient and cost effective when used wisely.

How to succeed in your emailing campaigns?

Emailing is a fundamental component in an effective digital marketing strategy. How to send mass emails to everyone while respecting the confidentiality and management of the data of our contacts?

If your emailing campaign for business is poorly executed, you will disturb your recipients or more … In return, it is very possible that your reputation will suffer and consequently your business.

In this blog post, we discuss the 5 principles for successful mailing campaigns that generate leads.

1 – Choose the recipients of your emails

As mentioned earlier, sending emails to anyone is a big deal to you. Spamming is not very popular!

If your recipients consider you as a spammer, they will delete your emails and report you as a spammer within their email platform like gmail or outlook. Thus, it is recommended to ensure that the subjects covered in your emailing are in line with the interests and / or needs of the recipients. If you want to check your reputation.

One of the most popular methods of collecting email addresses is by using registration forms on your website or on social media.

Otherwise there are also alternatives as within your company you can:

  • Ask your colleagues to share their address book
  • Include a paper form in the sales report
  • Set up Incentives : for example through promotions or contests

On your website and social media profiles

  • Ask your fans and followers
  • Share your latest newsletter
  • Include a link in each blog
  • Include a reminder on each web page

During your field actions, events or networking session:

  • Display a sign with a QR code
  • Display a list to sign

In your emails:

  • Integrate sharing options
  • Add a button of “Forward to your friends”

By directly targeting the audience for your emailing, the benefits are as follows:

  1. You will not run the risk of being identified as a spammer.
  2. the open and click-through rates of your emails will be satisfactory.

 2 – Smartphone compatibility

Today we live in the era of smartphones . Thus, everyone prefers to check their emails immediately on their mobile.

According to the SNCD, 52% of Internet users check their emails on their smartphone.

To prevent your emails from being deleted due to poor display, make sure your emails are optimized for all types and versions of smartphones. All text blocks, images, call-to-action buttons should be suitable for any device and / or browser.

50% of people will delete an email that is not displayed correctly on their mobile phone or tablet.

Remember that the user experience is a key factor in the success of your emailing campaigns and therefore your sales.

How to offer the best user experience to smartphone users?
  1. Enlarge the text font on your website
  2. Expand the call-to-action buttons.
  3. Shorten contact forms
  4. Reduce the size (and thus their weight) of the images to improve the upload speed to the website. 

3- Marketing automation

Now that your database is clean and your campaigns are recurring, why not automate your emailing?

Thus you minimize all types of human errors and save time. There is a lot of software that allows you to automate your email marketing campaigns according to your needs.

Highlight in your messages the lead vacuum cleaners – lead magnet in English. The latter encourage Internet users to give their contact details in exchange for generally free information. Sign up forms for a Newsletter, an eBook or a White Paper are good examples of lead vacuum cleaners.

Another tip – segment your lists

According to research by Emarketer , “39% of email marketers who segment their contact lists saw their open rates increase and 28% saw better deliverability and increased revenue” .

The segmentation of distribution lists allows you to send personalized emails, and even to classify your contacts according to certain criteria. Here are 7 examples of criteria:

  1. Demographic
  2. Center of interest
  3. Client Status
  4. Click rate
  5. Buying behavior
  6. Value of their average basket
  7. VIP Client

We also recommend that you set up an automatic answering machine (autoresponder).

An autoresponder is a pre-written message received by everyone who fills out the form, providing their contact details. You can send them a message thanking them, showing them a special offer after a certain deadline, or even presenting them with brochures to download.

An autoresponder creates a good first impression on your prospects since they receive an adequate and rapid response. You can also send them content in order to positively surprise them.

By implementing this automation, you optimize your email marketing strategy.

4 – Be open to new ideas and comments

Often your customers and your fans use social networks like your Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter, to share their feedback on your products / services. Sometimes they also use it to suggest new ideas.

The emails for your marketing campaigns should also offer this opportunity to spark such a conversation. For example, your customer or prospect may point out an error in a message by simply replying to the email they received. Then this move can spark a short conversation. With a message in the email address is “noreply @…. He would not have answered and the conversation would not have taken place.

Always give your prospects the option to unsubscribe from your emails. Whatever the reason for unsubscribing, don’t hold them back. Otherwise, this situation can result in spam reports which is worse. Required by law in many countries like the European Union and Canada, add a clear and easily visible unsubscribe link usually in the footer of the email. Then, ask an open-ended question in your unsubscribe form, asking them the reasons for unsubscribing.

5 – Test!

Last tip, test and test your automated schemes again before sending emails to your distribution lists. It is essential to check if everything works as expected with a test list.

The A / B testing method is the rule for email marketing. Its goal is to optimize the performance of your emailing by comparing the differences between 2 versions: version A and version B. By measuring criteria such as the click-through rate and the open rate for each version, you can easily identify the impact of criteria such as the time or day of sending, the title, the sender name, the visual, the texts, or the calls to action on the performance of your emailing campaign.

Today email marketing is the most profitable way to get revenue from your customers as shown in the following graph.

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