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Applying For A New Gas Connection Is Not Difficult Anymore

LPG is the most environmentally friendly fuel and is used for many purposes like domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural, horticultural and manufacturing.

The carbon footprint of LPG is 20% lower than that of fuel oil and 50% lower than coal which helps in reducing CO2 emissions which in turn helps to reduce black carbon emissions which is one of the biggest contributors of global warming. LPG is so clean and efficient and hence gaining popularity all over the world for a wide variety of uses. LPG reaches the domestic consumer in cylinders and one of the largest parts of LPG produced is used in central heating systems and next largest as raw material for chemical plants. 

Why is LPG a great option for your domestic use?

  • EFFICIENT: LPG has high calorific value which means it takes less time to heat when compared to other fuels. Also It is less expensive and easily accessible.
  • PORTABILITY: LPG can be easily transported and delivered in gas cylinders to homes. Taking all the necessary safety precautions you can easily store LPG in cylinders at home.
  • CLEAN: LPG is less messy compared to other fuels because it has low sulphur content, low emissions of black carbon. It helps to keep the air clean and also the emission of greenhouse gases is quite low.

There are certain things which you need to keep in mind while applying for a new gas connection. Earlier days these connections took a lot of time and resources to get initialised but with the advent of the internet and the information technology era getting a gas connection has been simplified. If you are a new user then you should follow the below steps for applying for a new gas connection

Steps to apply for a new gas connection:

  • Locate the gas agency that is nearest to you and supplies LPG cylinders.
  • Visit the agency and get the application form and fill out the details needed.
  • After submitting the documents, you will be issued a registration and booking number along with a receipt.
  • You will also receive a passbook along with your receipt which records your bookings from the agency.
  • Depending on the agency, the security deposit for a cylinder will differ; this amount covers the cost of a cylinder, a regulator, the refilling cost for the first cylinder, a gas tube, and installation charges.

The process normally used to take at least a month to get the connection after this process but now the data transfer and verification process has moved leaps and bounds. Hence the month-long wait period has been cut short to a couple of days. Some of the important things you should always take care while refilling a cylinder: 

  • Remember to check the seal and safety cap on the cylinder
  • Remove the safety cap to check for any leakage from the valve
  • Connect the cylinder with the stove and check for leakage
  • Pay and procure a copy of the cash memo or voucher

Always remember that LPG is a cleaner option than other fuels and the innovativeness of its uses are still there to be seen.

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