Best Screen Recording Features of TheOneSpy

Why can one feel the need to spy on their targeted persons live activities? It might be an extreme circumstance when someone wants this. As we know, time is becoming much advance, and nobody is safe from the internet.

From kid to adult, almost everybody found addicted to social media, live chats, lengthy phone calls, unlimited text chats, etc. An extensive engagement with online activities leads to harmful results. As a result, some common issues appear like bullying kids, stalking workers, threatening employees, or kids’ harassment.

To keep you, your kids/workers away from online threats, you can take the help of spying apps. As Android phones commonly use, so prefer the surveillance app that supports Android any version. Here, we are writing this for you by showing you how a leading Android spy software facilitates millions in this regard.

TheOneSpy Android Spying Application

TheOneSpy is a powerful tracking tool that provides apps for all Android versions until the latest one. It performs surveillance functions brilliantly and conveniently to provide exact information to the user in real-time.

Although the TOS Android app tracker has multiple outstanding features, we will discuss one of the advanced features. It’s Live Screen Recorder, which enables the user to record the targeted person’s live actions on a single request. This feature records live activities in the form of short clips.

Here, we will see some powerful and standard Android screen recorders of TOS.

Camera Screen Recorder

It performs screen recording activities through the targeted phone camera. TOS gives the remote access to the user to get access to the camera and on it to record live screen activities.

It performs two functions simultaneously, like recording and screen and showing the back and front view.

Parents can monitor where their kids are and what they are doing on a mobile phone. Likewise, the employer can watch who their targeted worker is and what he/she is doing on mobile.

Chrome Screen Recorder

It enables the user to spy on the targeted person’s chrome browser and check the visited sites, bookmarked links, downloaded files, etc.

It helps the parents to keep their kids away from porn or other harmful content. Likewise, it enables the employer to track what their employees do on the chrome browser during working hours.

Gmail Screen Recorder

It let the user allow to track the targeted device Gmail account and their activities. A user needs to activate this feature to record the Gmail account activities of a targeted person in the form of brief video clips.

Users can easily access these recorded videos from the TOS cloud account and see each mail with the exact time & date.

SMS Screen Recorder

This recording function spies all send and receive SMS, their time, date, and chat duration. All users need is to activate this function from the online portal.

Users can also monitor to whom the targeted person sends a message or send SMS to their person. It’s huge helps parents and employers to track all text message chats of their kids and employees in real-time.

WhatsApp Screen Recorder

It allows the user to record the targeted persons’ WhatsApp activities. As it activates, it starts working immediately. Like when the targeted person goes online, it gets automatically activate and starts recording.

After recording all video calls, audio calls, Video/audio messages, text messages, images, shared files, it sends the data to the user’s online cloud account.

How Can User Enjoy TheOneSpy Screen Recording Feature?

As it’s the advanced feature of TOS, which only available in TOS premium packages of Android phones. So, you can get the TOS premium plans to enjoy this incredible feature and its variety of functions.

  • TOS Android Phone monthly Premium package price is only $50.
  • TOS Android Phone quarterly Premium package price is only $31.66/month.
  • TOS Android Phone yearly Premium package price is only $12.5/month.


It turns out that TheOneSpy  Screen recording app is a unique feature for your kids and business future. Being a parent, you can track and control your kids’ live activities. Or, if you are a business owner, you can keep your employees on track if they lack their interest anytime. For further satisfaction, you must read the reviews of this app and then decide.

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