AI with transparency

Discover these Technological advances of 2021

This unusual 2020 is coming to an end and, with it, we remember how technology has adapted and accelerated since the pandemic began and, especially in the workplace, has managed to keep us connected and in contact with everyone from anywhere place.

Next, we show some technological trends that will make people talk in the next year 2021.

5G development

During 2020 we have seen how 5G began to be launched in Spain through the large teleoperators, but not its deployment. This technology should improve access and connectivity in rural and remote areas that currently lack service. Improving this connectivity will help companies continue to digitize their processes, operations and way of working, driven by the sudden digitization due to COVID-19.

AI with transparency

Artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly compromised in terms of the opacity of its algorithms, which generate ethical and transparency doubts towards the consumer. In the coming year, several consumer-centric AI decision systems will incorporate provisions that explain their decisions.

One very important area where it will be applied in the coming year is data governance for coronavirus contact tracing, personal digital profiles and privacy questions.

Acceleration of digital payment

Paying with your mobile was already becoming an upward option in 2020, being comfortable and simple for the customer (again, COVID-19 accelerates the trend). Tap to phone technology is expected to get a big boost over the next year, with small businesses accepting contactless payments to benefit.

On Feb 1, 2021, the European Payment Services Directive will come into force, which will require the user to verify it through at least two authentication factors: something they know (password or pin), something they have (mobile, for example) and something inherent to the person (facial recognition or fingerprint).

The internet of behavior

The internet of behavior

If we already knew the internet of things ( IoT ), now we are presented with the internet of behaviour ( IoB: internet of behaviour, for its acronym in English). From collecting and using data to direct behaviour. These data include citizen data processed by government and public sector agencies; social networks; customer business information; location tracking, etc.

Taking into account what was emphasized before about ethics and transparency, this new system must adhere to the privacy laws existing in each country.

And you, what else do you predict? These are just some of the advances that are sure to make people talk in this new year that begins shortly. From MGS we wish you a good start to 2021, with health, enthusiasm and optimism.

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