Custom Eyelash Boxes

Eyelash Packaging Box for Displaying Super Thick Lash Extensions

Want to make your volume boosting false eyelashes among must have 2021 beauty items? You can gain the attention of customers through creative and communicative packaging. Make the best out of striking and smart eyelash boxes for flaunting the features of the products and convincing customers that they should give them a try. Add value to your limited-edition deals using persuasive packaging. Boxes elucidating on the specs of professional quality cosmetics would earn your brand a memorable and prominent place in the industry. Coruscating packaging would appeal to the onlookers, they would be inclined into knowing more about the falsies to complete their purchase.

Aesthetically pleasing boxes would add glam to the voluminous false eyelashes. Packaging describing the uniqueness of products like how they are made from finest animal fur or other components would stir the excitement of lash lovers. You can create urgency of buying by bundling up the products and presenting them as saver sets. An original and different packaging idea would get your business spotlight. Customers are quite particular about picking cosmetics these days, they can simply reject an item by being blandly or boringly packaged. So, if you want to label your offers as worth purchasing, the boxes they are pitched in ought to be enrapturing.

Search for a professional printer to get your packaging customized according to latest trends and techniques. If you don’t have prior experience of printing, start the quest for a vendor by browsing the options on the internet and take a tour of the local market.

Be very clear about conveying your branding and marketing goals to the printing provider if you want to get fruitful results out of cosmetic boxes.

Want some tips on how to make your boxes winsome? Here you go!

Window Custom Eyelash Boxes

Window not only enhances the outlook of packaging but saves the buyers time and effort to ask around for their desired information. When getting the boxes manufactured, tell the printer to show you samples of packaging items with a die-cut window. There are many finishing details available that you can use for promotional purposes like embossed logos. Colorful packaging would lighten and brighten the mood of shoppers, so don’t go for dull artwork themes.

Use Cardboard for Printing Packaging

Boxes made of cardboard would have a long shelf-life. Full color printing technique would make the eyelash packaging box a delight to look at and feel. You should check and compare thickness and other specs of different printing materials meticulously, and ask the printer for assistance if you feel confused. Eco-friendly packaging is being preferred these days because of increasing land waste but do ask questions about kraft paper if you want to opt for it. Boxes should have good enough space to keep the packaged items well-stored especially if you intend to deliver over long distances.

Don’t use the Boxes for False Advertising

Packaging giving reasons to consumers to buy from you would help with scoring more sales. However, you should keep the details factual and verifiable. For instance, if you are claiming that the eyelash extensions are made of vegan materials it should be true. Don’t exaggerate details for the sake of luring customers. Eyelash boxes for duo and trio sets should have inserts. If your cosmetics are avidly used and endorsed by celebs, highlight this on the packaging.

Packaging Republic can get your cosmetic boxes designed and printed the way you want within your preferred timeline. The printer doesn’t have any extra or hidden charges for any of the personalized services. Have queries? Chat with a CSR right away!

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