Growth Marketing Trends 2021

Growth Marketing Trends 2021: 5 Best Recommendations

What is growth marketing?

Growth marketing is the kind of marketing that focuses on a data-driven approach and agile systems to generate leads and create brand loyalty and retention. It includes a lot of robust practices that help the organization grow.

A number of growth marketing trends have surfaced in the past year, which has helped businesses find their path to success. So if you are a brand that wants to keep up with the competition while efficiently managing the costs while you’re at it, this is the blog for you. 

Here are the 5 best recommendations in growth marketing trends that will definitely come in handy in 2021:

  1. Voice Search

Voice search has been gaining ground in the past few years among users. After the COVID-19 pandemic, users are swinging more towards voice search on the internet.

According to a study by Google, 55% of teens and 41% of adults use Voice Search more than once a day.

How to optimize for a voice search? Here are a few tips:

  • Use long-tail conversational keywords using the Google Keyword Planner tool
  • Keep an FAQ section that is jargon-free
  • Keep a long answer with the reading level at 9th grade so that if your search result shows up in the featured snippet, the user has to click on it to read more.
  1. Personalization

Personalization plays a huge role in engaging your users and increasing your conversion rate.

According to a study, 80% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that provide a personalized experience through their marketing. According to another survey, 72% of consumers only respond to /engage with personalized messaging.

Personalization possesses the ability to cater to the exact demands of the consumer and increase consumer loyalty. It goes beyond just adding personalized user names for your emails. It refers to optimizing recommendations for the user, using retargeting to gain a fair share of the customer’s mental real estate. All this can be done using real-time data enrichment.

  1. Video Marketing

Video marketing has seen a boom over the past few years and more so during the pandemic. According to a study, 68% of users said that the pandemic led to a change in the amount of their video content consumption, and 96% of them said that their consumption of video content had only increased.

With the digital infrastructure quickly evolving in India and other developing nations, more and more people make purchase decisions based on the videos they watch on different platforms.

There are different types of videos that you can create for your brand, which will help you promote your products better. Some of these are demo videos, brand videos, expert interviews, how-to videos, and so on.

Depending on your goal for the business, whether it is generating revenue, creating brand awareness, or something else, you can create videos for your business. For more insight on this, you can get in touch with a growth marketing agency, which will direct your marketing efforts in the right direction to ensure the achievement of your business goals.

  1. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has become indispensable in today’s day and age of data explosion. Big data plays a huge role in optimizing marketing efforts and reducing wasteful spend in ads.

AI is instrumental in optimizing ad performance and ensures that there is maximum return on ad expenditure through responsive search ads on Google Ads. Machine learning algorithms are highly beneficial for e-commerce businesses. They help you display the most relevant products to your users depending upon their previous interaction with the website.

If you really want to leverage growth marketing to optimize your marketing efforts for your business, leveraging AI and ML can be a boon for you.

  1. Using Chatbots

With the change in the consumer behavior patterns of using more and more voice search, it is pretty evident that conversational marketing is only getting bigger.

Today, 1.4 billion people are using social messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger and are willing to use chatbots on websites. 40% of millennials engage with chatbots on a daily basis as they are looking to get their queries resolved quickly and efficiently.

Under such circumstances, harnessing the power of chatbots becomes all the more essential to a business. This form of AI automation reduces a large amount of expenditure on customer service and helps you strategize the sales and marketing plan better for each individual customer.

So these were a few top recommendations for growth marketing trends. If you are looking for a growth marketing agency to stay ahead of your competition, reach out to Amura.

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