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How Do You Protect Your Home From Burglars?

After every 108 seconds, a burglary happens, as it is the most common crime in the UK. Literary no one is safe, especially when it comes to home security. As a recorder, a million robberies happen in the UK every. Undoubtedly it puts a lot of strain and worry on the people. Now, especially if you are living in a house with no security or protection system, it would shake you with fear. However, the CCTV system Manchester would take off more than half of your worries. As it is designed to detect the robbers beforehand via cameras and catch them before they enter the house and take the personal belongings. 

Before getting into the detailed version of how to protect your home from burglars. You need to take care of some basics that would give a sense of ease and protection.

  • Always close your main door properly, no matter how much hurry you are in.
  • Educate your children not to tell the stranger about your home matters, valuable things at home, financial issues, personal matters, or home address.
  • Avoid bringing strangers to your home. Do CCTV systems Manchester not over-share your domestic matters with strangers.
  • Before going out, make sure to close all the windows, back doors, and extra doors of the kitchen carefully.
  • If you have a maid, do not leave her/him alone with your valuables.
  • Try to keep your holiday plans and foreign trips to yourself. It is not a good sign for every friend on social media to know that there is nobody at home.
  • Know whom you trust with your valuables at home.
  • Do not put your ladders on the rooftop or in the yard. Any robber could easily climb that up.

25 Effective Ways to Protect your Home From Burglars

We bring you the 25 most effective ways that would ultimately protect your home from burglars.

Doorbell camera

The first and the most significant way is to get the video doorbell camera. Get up-to-date surveillance of your home front door and yard area activities just by sitting inside your room. This security camera would provide the live footage and indicate any suspicious activity carried out outside. 

Get a house sitter

If you are leaving home for vacations. Make sure to home sit a trustworthy person such as your family member, close friend, or a neighbor. As the presence of a person would prevent intruders from coming inside the house.

Checkup mailbox

Do not leave your mailbox crowded with emails. Before leaving the house, assign a responsibility to a close friend or neighbor to empty the mailbox now and then. A full mailbox would indicate that the house is empty.

Collect your newspaper

Make sure to collect that someone collects newspaper from the doorstep, so the intruder would not think anybody is at home.

Be a good neighbor, get a good neighbor

Make sure to be a friendly and good neighbor so you can count on your neighbor’s help in time of need.

Regularly clean your trash

Empty your trash bin so others would not assume the home is empty and they can steal.

Smart lightbulb

Use smart security light bulbs to ward off burglars. Keep one or two-room bulbs open to give an impression that people are at home.

Fireproof safe

Collect all your personal, official, and important documents along with the most expensive things and place them in the fireproof safe. And keep it hidden.

Dividing gate

Install an extra security gate in the home to keep yourself and your house safe from intruders entering the home.

Get windows with the alarms

Install security alarms in the window panels, so you would be informed if a burglar enters.

Cover sliding glass doors

Conceal your glass doors and windows with blinders. So bulgar would not be window shopping before attacking a house.

Get a spare key

Give a spare key to your trusted friend and neighbor. So when you are outside the house, they could access the home in case of emergency.

Install security cameras

Put CCTV cameras and others outside and inside the house to detect Bulgars movement beforehand. 

Security alarm system 

Install security alarms that would go off in case of an intruding house.

Lockup exterior and interior doors

Firmly lock all your inside and outside doors, windows, and backdoors, before going out.

Investigate your service providers 

Before hiring lawn mowers and home maids make sure to investigate them, don’t give access to strangers to your home without proper knowledge of them and their background.

Minimum talk with strangers

Don’t overshare valuable and personal information with any stranger. It could bring harmful effects.

Get yourself be equipped in harsh weather

In times of electricity, breakdown gets a backup, so the intruder would not be taking advantage of that.

Check your door locks

Make sure to properly lock the main door and other doors before leaving the house.

Do not show off!

Stay away from the habit of showing off your expensive items, job bonus, or amount in the bank, especially with strangers. 

Well-lit street lights and house

Put working light bulbs in your area of the house, so you could easily see outside the house.

Know your surrounding

Socialize a bit. Get to know your neighbors, people living in the surroundings, and activities that are being carried out.

Install peepholes

Install peepholes, so you could see who is on the door.

Change passcodes

Make sure to change the passcodes at doors now and then. You never know who gets access to them.

Security yard and window stickers

Put security art signs and stickers on the windows and doors. So the intruder knows they are being watched.

In a Nutshell

Always be active and keep a watchful eye on your house, and your surroundings . Equipped your house with the latest security system and technology to ward off the burglars from your house. Try to maintain a friendly relationship with your neighbours so you can count on them in the times of need.

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