How often you can use a lymphedema pump for your legs?

There are some types of compression pumps for reducing lower limbs pain and inflammation that can be easily purchased online. But the main issue is the procedure of operating these devices. The lymphedema pump is a medical product that is designed to reduce the blisters that form on the patient’s ankles and foot. This lymphedema infection occurs due to many reasons and one of the main factors is blood clotting in the deep parts of the veins.

To overcome this issue orthopedics and dermatologist suggest trying compression therapy with the help of sequential pneumatic pump machines. To understand the procedure of operating compression gear, some guidelines can help to find the best results. But before that let’s throw some light on this fatal lower limb disease.

What is Lymphedema?

The lymphedema of the legs is the failure of the lymphatic system due to leakage of lymph fluid in the muscles of the legs. The foot trauma injury is the main reason which causes chronic infection. It generates a series of leg issues that slowly damages all soft tissues and organs which circulate blood in the body. The pooling of blood in the vessels and blockage of valves encourage the accumulation of mass in the lower limbs that creates problems for basic body functions.

The malfunctioning of lower limbs muscles and arteries results in swelling and excessive pain that may lead to fatal health complications. The inflammation in the foot, skin rash on legs, and ankle ache are major symptoms of Lymphedema. To prevent Lymphedema disease in its primary stage the compression lymphedema pump is ideal to heal leg infections before they turn into serious maladies.

Why Lymphedema pump used for lower limbs?

The treatment of lymphedema by using a compression pump can protect the patient in many ways. The key complication for those who are searching best product for lymphedema therapy is confused about the main function of these devices.  All those queries related to lymphedema pumps for leg swelling will be explained here by starting with why doctors recommend them for treating lower limb swelling.

The lymphedema compression pumps for legs are made with cutting-edge technology to help patients by providing comfort and reduction in leg soreness. These enhanced medical products are composed of leg wrap garments with air chambers that inflate and deflate in a sequence to exert pressure on the veins of the user’s legs.

The pressure range starts from 15mmHg to 40mmHg helping to decrease the volume of blood tubes and boosts fluid circulation speed to increase healing and recovery of muscles. The lymphedema pump device comes in various types and designs but the one with portable features is considered best to use for those patients who require bed rest.

Lymphatic issues cannot be cured within weeks but demand a slow process of massage therapy and lymphedema compression pumps for legs are perfect products to prevent any unfavorable situations. To treat leg bumps and dark spots there are some approaches for performing leg therapy and healthcare specialist can guide concerning usage of lymphedema machines.

How often to use a lymphedema pump for leg swelling?

These compression gear should be handled with care and those users with vast knowledge about the products can operate them easily. The standard time usage for a lymphedema pump is around one to three hours daily with a 30 to 40 mmHg pressure level.

The chronic wounds on foot or leg conditions can show clearly how much time is required to treat the swollen infected areas. The user can divide the therapy into segments, the morning and evening periods are best for treating lymphedema. Try to avoid using them at night and if the user feels uneasy then ask the physician before wearing them again.

The lymphedema device can be used after one day gap and weekly try to wear them at least four times daily. Keep one thing in mind that every patient suffering from lymphedema has a different infection case so ask a doctor before buying any medical garment.

Advantages of using lymphedema pump leg infections

The biggest benefit of compression therapy can help to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and PE (Pulmonary Embolism) which are direct causes of lymphedema. Other advantages of using a lymphedema pump include:

  • Helps to heal broken tissues and decreases knee pain.
  • Maintains a healthy circulatory and respiratory system.
  • Removes skin changing issues on the lower limbs.
  • Increase immunity by improving the lymphatic system.
  • Prevents leakage of fluid in tissues after enhancing blood circulation network.
  • Blocks accumulation of blood clots in capillaries and reduces anxiety.
  • The fatigued leg muscles can be cured with improved body functions that can eliminate stress factors.

How to get the best lymphedema compression pumps for your legs?

Medshoola is the leading medical brand that is presenting one of the best lymphedema pumps for leg issues. Medshoola compression device is easy to use with best-fitting material that comes with an FAA-approved rechargeable battery for traveling purposes. The pump and smooth sleeve wrap are consisting of four air chambers to exert ideal pressure on the leg muscles and treats lymphedema in the best possible way.

To buy Medshoola compression garments, visit this site to get the best socks for athletes and pump for lymphedema patients at affordable prices.

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