How Social Media Affects Our Lives

Social media is a great way to connect with family or friends and a good source of information to keep up with. Today there are hundreds of social media applications with millions of users. According to data collected by the thesis writing service in Faisalabad, we come to know that around three billion people out of seven billion are avid social media users and this number includes 40% of the seven billion. This is a huge number considering the fact that more than half of them are teenagers who are extremely volatile and impressionable. Social media may have positive effects but it surely has a darker side which most of us are ignorant towards.

If we take a look at the average usage of the social media platforms, it is around 3 hours daily for a social media user, let’s not talk about the people who are addicted to using social media. Looking at 3 hours in a 24 hours day might not seem a lot but taking into consideration the fact that we sleep almost 7 to 8 hours a day which leaves around 16-17 hours out which we spend studying, working, eating etc. We might not get a lot of time on our hands to spend with family or friends and it has been a lifelong debate that social media isolated people and is pushing people away from physicality.

We have internet all around us and use of social media is easier than ever. Even if we don’t have Wi-Fi, we have 3G, 4G, and 5G networks to keep us connected to social media. Excessive use of anything has its negative impacts and social media is among the top most excessively used things. As mentioned earlier that teenagers are the impressionable ones and how they are the biggest users of social media, we have to take care of what they see and how they react to it.

Young individuals are vulnerable, they believe that they know and understand about things but it is often not true, their age is about making mistakes and learning, they mostly don’t know what is true and what is fake, they find it hard to differentiate between right or wrong but through social media, they look at other peoples life and interpret what they want to. This has a negative impact on them and today teenagers are more depressed than ever and more than half of them are young girls.

We might not take it seriously but social media do affect the mental health of people and it’s nobody’s fault really because it’s up to us how we make out of what we see on the internet but as spoken earlier that teenagers and even some adults are impressionable. When they look at someone’s life on social media they start comparing their own with that person which is never a good sign if it’s done in a negative manner. This can promote low self esteem and self confidence issues.

There are ways that social media is helping us and they are undeniable. The positive impact social media has on promoting businesses, influencers, etc is great and also it is an amazing platform to raise awareness about an issue and can gather a large numbers of supports but even after we notice all the positive impacts it has on our lives we can’t get away from the negative impacts. Cyber bullying is one of the biggest issues we have in today’s technologically advanced world and it leads to hundreds of suicides as well. If you dig deep you’ll come across some disturbing statistics. All we can do and make other people understand is that the use of social media should be limited because a lot of anything is not ideal.

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