How to Make Gate Fold Leaflet Exciting

How to Make Gate Fold Leaflet Exciting

Gate fold leaflet is sometimes also called double gate leaflet and window leaflet. They are used to add excitement to the marketing campaigns. The gates or the front panel of the leaflets should have something to stir curiosity among the viewers to open it and read through it. 

To ensure the leaflets are exciting, here are a few things that you need would need to do:

1. Use phrases: Add some phrases to the content to make it conversational and appealing to the reader. You can use phrases on the front panel or the gates of the leaflet to encourage readers to open it and read the next page. Here are some examples of catchy phrases, Are you still single? Want to buy a home? What happens if…. 

Depending on the purpose of the leaflet, you can create phrases and make the leaflet attractive to read. You can also use stickers and sentiments on the front panels to motivate the readers. 

2. Put Questions: When designing the leaflet, put questions to keep the readers engaged. Are you tired of living in rented accommodation? Do you desire to have a bungalow? But remember to keep the question in accordance with the content and theme. If the purpose of the leaflet is to promote salon services, you may try putting questions in it, such as want to have a new look? Or why not try a new haircut? 

3. Use Illustration: Wherever possible, make use of illustrations. Sometimes, a picture speaks more than words. Adding graphs and a timeline of product success is factual information that is more reliable and trustworthy. Readers would be excited and thrilled to learn how a particular product has helped businesses by looking at the graph rather than reading through boring content. 

4. Keep it short: When it comes to promoting goods and services through leaflets, flyers, and brochures, it is vital to keep the content short. Don’t brag about how you did it and why you did. Simply focus on what you have to offer, and the offering is beneficial. 

5. Keep it crisp: Again, ensure the content of the leaflet is free from fluff. Keep the content to the point. Add facts and information wherever necessary. 

6. Add call to action: When drafting the layout of the leaflet, ensure the content has the call of action. There have to be a line or two encouraging the readers to visit your company and contact you to learn more about the offerings. Without a call of action, the leaflet could prove to be a piece of paper with some information. You can add stickers with contact us now imprinted on it, for instance. 

7. Colour theme: Choose the colour theme of the leaflet carefully. Ensure the colour of the leaflet is neither too dark nor too light to read. VC Print provides a colour customization option for creating catchy promotional leaflets. You can visit its website and go through templates to learn more. It has templates for each type of leaflets from the bi fold to z fold cards.  

8. Font: You can add drama to the leaflet by using dramatic fonts such as Bradley Hand ITC, Gigi, and more. However, when deciding on the font, ensure its size is neither too small to read nor too big. A large font won’t cover the entire space on the leaflet and may not look appealing to the eyes. However, you can have large fonts on content that you want to stand out, such as ‘sale’, ‘discount’, and more. 

9. Size: Gate fold leaflets are available in different sizes. VC Print has a wide range of customizable gate fold leaflets that you can choose as per the purpose. 

10. Contact details: At the end of the leaflet, do not forget to add contact details. After reading through the offerings, the readers or prospective customers may want to contact you. Adding contact details on the leaflets with timings and days of availability would make it convenient for people to contact you for business. 

Gate and z fold cards are used by businesses to promote services. Tourism, IT, retail, and corporate offices often use the leaflets to inform the end-users of new services and opportunity. 

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