Strike 5e Druid Class Guide

Pug Race Bonuses – Ensnaring Strike 5e Druid Class Guide

When I started playing D&D (Dungeon Master) several years ago, the first class that I chose was the druid. Out of all the classes, the druid is one of the best when it comes to controlling plants and summoning creatures. Unfortunately, due to poor mechanics and design, this class is also one of the most vulnerable when it comes to saving throws. For this reason, any experienced player will tell you that the druid is a necessity for any and all campaigns. I have now spent several months, as I am fond of saying, “hear, hear.”

The first thing that I learned when playing the druid is that the Ensnaring Strike 5e D&D spell slot is a really bad investment. On a level one spell, I should be able to deal with my opponent out of harm’s way with a simple touch attack or a charge spell. But as it turns out, the Druid class does not have many useful abilities when it comes to damaging their opponent in combat. Once they are attacked, the Druid is left to his own devices and often spends a ton of time trying to figure out how to protect himself while making sure that he gets enough damage in to kill his opponent.

This led me to look into the Ensnaring Strike 5e D&D spells. Fortunately, there are a few decent options for damaging opponents at level one. First, there are vines. These are great for immobilizing your opponent while you take advantage of their limited mobility. However, you have to keep them moving in order to make them useful. Vines can also get you an extra attack per round, so that you aren’t dependent on just one attack.

At level two, you have access to a few different options for debugging your opponents. The first option is to use a Hold Person spell slot. This works similar to invisibility, except it doesn’t cloak you entirely. Instead, it allows you to remain in the action yet still take damage from your opponent’s breath, attacks, and other things around you. This is a useful spell slot for any Pug player.

At level three, the Ensnaring Strike 5e spell ends up as a more useful option. It is now a swift action that causes the vines to wrap more closely around you. Your saving throw to avoid being stunned increases by +4 for every level you reach, so you can no longer avoid being stunned as easily. You will also notice that the range of the vines has increased.

At level four, the Ensnaring Strike 5e and spell become a true threat. It is a wand enchant that causes the enemy to take a -4 penalty to hit you. If the enemy hits you with a melee weapon, it does not get a saving throw to avoid being stunned, instead it is subject to the Ensnaring Strike 5e spell penalty. This is a powerful enchantment to use in Pug PvP games where you want to keep your opponent guessing where your next move is coming from. As such, it is often a great choice when Pug is the class chosen.

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