SEO for Product Sheets: The Elements to Be Optimized

You have decided to open an ecommerce to sell. Yes, you want to consolidate your business and expand your customer base. Excellent idea, in our country the online e-shop segment is growing.

This is confirmed by the analysis that “Ecommerce in April 2020 grew by 27.1%. According to the surveys conducted, there are two million new online consumers”.

But how to make your digital store competitive? You have to focus on several aspects: HTTPS, quality hosting, a private server capable of supporting high levels of traffic.

Then you have to know how to work on Google positioning to be found by potential customers who move on the internet. You need to implement ecommerce SEO strategies and know how to do product listing SEO.

Here is a small guide that highlights the main elements to be optimized.

Start with keyword research

SEO optimization for ecommerce product sheets starts from keyword research, or rather from the search for commercial keywords. What does it mean?

You have to find the queries about Corporate Video Production Companies In Dubai that at the level of search intent imply the desire to take an action by the user, specifically a purchase.

Focus on the most searched keywords but work, above all, on niche long tail keywords. The reason? Conversions are very likely to come from the longest and most specific keywords.

Here is an example of a long tail keyword: “Adidas men’s red tennis shoes “as you can guess, this term expresses a specific need and aimed at purchasing. While “Adidas shoes” is a short and generic keyword aimed at satisfying a curiosity about the brand’s new products.

In any case, the goal is to be found for searches that bring more sales.

How to do keyword research? We leave you some of the best free keyword research tools:

  • Answer the Public.
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • Google suggestion.

The importance of the title tag from an SEO perspective

How to improve a product sheet from an SEO point of view? You need to know how to optimize the title tag. This text string influences the positioning, it is used by Google and the potential customer to understand the content of the card.

But let’s go deeper. The title tag is the blue title that people see in SERPs and must have certain characteristics. How to write the title tag of an ecommerce product sheet? Here are the main points:

  • It must be between 65-70 characters otherwise it is truncated.
  • It must contain the product name and secondary keywords.
  • The most important keywords should be placed at the beginning.
  • It doesn’t have to be generic.

Don’t overlook these SEO tips for ecommerce product sheets: the title tag and Meta description allow you to increase visits to the site.

The title of the product sheet

The SEO operations for ecommerce product sheets also apply to the H1 title. What is the difference between title tag and H1? The title tag is the text string that Google needs to understand the topic of the page and is shown in the SERP, its goal is SEO positioning.

While the H1 is the header of the web page. What headline should you give to a product sheet? You can use the name of what you sell, better not be generic.

Meta description for ecommerce cards

When creating product sheets optimized for positioning, you cannot neglect the Meta description. This element does not directly influence the ranking but is a marketing lever.

It is located under the title tag and the URL and has the task of persuading the user to click.

How to create a Meta description for ecommerce listings? Enter the most important information in relation to the product, the main keyword and intrigue the user with persuasive copywriting, perhaps by inserting a call to action.

Don’t go too far, stick to 145 characters otherwise the search engine cuts it. Finally, it must communicate the added value of the content.

Create SEO friendly URLs

How to optimize a product sheet and URL? Aim for clarity and simplicity.

This element is the address of the web page, it communicates with Google and highlights the content of the product page.

It includes the main keyword, usually the product name. Other tips on how to write URLs: use no more than 5-6 words and avoid special characters.

Make an effective description

The SEO optimization for product sheets of an ecommerce also involves the content. Pay maximum attention to the text, do not limit yourself to reporting the information in the catalogs.

Even if there are many product pages, do not neglect them, this error has repercussions on SEO positioning. The risk is to run into duplicate content. Without forgetting that paying for it will also be your brand reputation. The potential customer will receive approval. Result: it will go to other shores.

The content of the product sheets must be unique, always different, exciting and convincing. Its importance, as you can see, is fundamental because it performs the same function as a shop assistant.

Write something original without losing sight of the keywords that are important to you. For example, it tells the story of the product, the sensations it refers to, explains why customers should buy it, what are its ways of use, the parts from which it is formed.

Ecommerce SEO involves internal links to relevant resources, such as blog posts or other related product pages or category pages.

You can also take advantage of a call to action that you urge to buy. What to write in the ecommerce product sheet? Something is missing? Before moving on to the next paragraph take a look at other key elements that enrich the description:

  • The price.
  • Delivery times.
  • Terms of payment.
  • Shipping fees.

SEO for product sheets is linked to the readability of the description. What I mean? The text must be orderly and usable both in the eyes of Google and potential customers. Use the H1, H2 and H3 consciously and divide the text into paragraphs, use internal menus not to stretch the text too much. Indeed, make sure that it is homogeneous for all product categories.

SEO optimization of images

One of the SEO strategies for ecommerce is the optimization of the images related to the product sheets. You cannot leave a sequence of numbers and letters in the file name.

The reason? Google won’t matter your photo when people search through Big G’s image tab, you basically have less chance of being found.

The odds increase if, on the other hand, you’ve named the visual with a title relevant to the product. For example, Ray Ban sunglasses.

So always fill in the photos alt tag, filename and make sure the images are light and quality. They must strike the user and offer the possibility to observe – the object or item of clothing – from different angles both in a set and neutral context.

The sense of sight becomes central in an ecommerce where it is not possible to wear and touch with your hand. How to spot photos without SEO alt tags? You can use Screaming Frog.

Add reviews in the product page of an online store

Doing SEO for product sheets wants to be trustworthy in the presence of the search engine. A trust that is not built only with SEO optimization techniques for ecommerce.

You can take advantage of the reviews, the opinions of users who have used what you are selling.

Adding feedback on product pages builds brand identity and is text that Google notes and uses.

Rich snippet for ecommerce

In addition to public reviews, he works on rich snippets for ecommerce. What are rich snippets? All those elements that enrich title tags, URLs and Meta description in SERP.

They can be stars, prices, videos, etc.

They are not used to improve the positioning on Google directly but help to increase the click-through rate and online reputation. How to enter structured data for a product sheet?

Try these WordPress plugins:

  • WP Review.
  • Schema – All In One Rich Snippets Scheme.
  • WP SEO Structured Data Schema.

SEO for product sheets: your experience

Before saying goodbye there is still something to say: evaluate the loading speed of the product pages (times must be very short) and if the mobile optimization presents any problems.

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