Customer Testimonials Videos For Brands

The Importance Of Customer Testimonials Videos For Brands

Ask yourself, who do you trust when buying a product or service, the advertisement, or a satisfied customer? The answer is obviously the latter. As a marketer, you probably know more stuff than an average joe but the potential customers always prioritize credibility over knowledge.

According to Wyzowl, nine out of 10 individuals prioritize customer testimonials and feedback over the company’s claims. That leads to businesses with good testimonials likely to increase 31% conversion rate, as per Spectoos. That’s the potential of customer testimonials.

Builds Credibility and Trust

In this fast-competitive world, trust and credibility are all that matters for the business. Good and positive reviews of a company help the customers make easy buying decisions.

As per BigCommerce, 72% of consumers claim to trust a brand after viewing positive reviews. While 88% of consumers believe online feedback and personal recommendations in the same manner.

Provides The Solution To Problems

A spot-on testimonial can help potential customers tremendously to overcome their problems. A video testimonial can provide better insight than brochures.

According to Wyzowl’s Video Marketing survey, 68% of potential customers claim that short videos pique their interest in a product or service, where only 15% prefer written articles. By combining compelling testimonials and dynamic product demo video production, you can make a powerful impact on potential customers.

They Are Budget-friendly

One of the biggest benefits of using customer video testimonials is that they are cost-effective. Making a customer video generally doesn’t cost much but has the potential of increasing conversions exponentially.

According to BigCommerce, 58% of potential customers are much likely to convert after reading a review. So, with a little effort on lighting and high quality of video and picture can make you big bucks, improve your credibility, and improve the image of your brand.

Testimonial Videos Evoke Emotion

Emotions are one of the main drivers of making a buying decision. Videos are one of the best ways to evoke human emotions.

You have to produce the best copy to impact the potential customer on a deeper level. Not only that but reading and understanding text is a much more complicated and slower process than watching a video.

To tell you the truth, people certainly don’t have time to read the text and wait for the copy to pique their interest, rather a make any emotional connection.

This is because the human brain contains mirror neurons that act and partly feels the same the other is doing or feeling. It makes the testimonials all the more useful as the potential customers go through the same feeling to some extent as the person in the testimonial video.


The importance of customer video testimonials is crucial than ever before. It’s a great tool to help your brand build credibility, trust, and eases the process of buying your product or service. Utilize this tool as much as you can on online and offline marketing platforms and see its utmost potential to boost your conversions and profits.

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