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These 6 Benefits Will Motivate You To Plant a Tree

No matter which part of the world you go to, people have been planting trees as a hobby as a duty and whatnot. These beautiful lush green trees have made the landscape look more scenic and apart from that, they provide the much-needed shade in the summers whereas acts as a shield against the cold wind during winters.

If you sit and focus on counting the benefits of planting a tree you will see that number keeps going and there is no limit. Trees are an excellent means to make the connection between you and nature, it helps in making an individual calm, relaxed, and in serenity.

If you have been planning to plant a tree, whether in your backyard or the neighborhood then considering the help of tree services Sydney will be a good start to go with. They will guide you on which tree would be the best as per the soil in your surroundings, who will meet the best of your expectations, and how to take care of them so that they could last for long.

Let’s look at the amazing benefits the beautiful trees provide us:

1. It helps in purifying the air and every time you go out on an evening walk into the woods where you are surrounded by trees all around. You will sense that the air is very fresh and clean there.

This is the magic of all those trees who are acting as a natural air purifier that provides you fresh air by absorbing nitrogen oxide, ammonia, and other harmful gas.

Along with this, they also help in getting rid of any false odor in your surroundings where the leaves are small filters in themselves. By the time a tree reaches its maturity, it is well capable of supplying oxygen to 20 average adults.

2. With so many industries building up and people burning garbage just anywhere, the level of carbon dioxide keeps on increasing in the atmosphere.

This dangerously increased level of carbon dioxide is majorly affecting the way our climate change takes place and we face the consequences from that every day which is a very tough task.

However, trees come for us here with their helping hand by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and in return providing us the much needed fresh oxygen.

If we calculate the effort they put in, you can say that annually, trees in few acres are absorbing the carbon dioxide equivalent to the amount a car produces after driving 75000 miles.

These numbers are scary and that is why it becomes so important to pay respect and plant more trees in the environment. They are the basic necessity for every living being on this planet and you can take responsibility for four people just by planting a tree with the help of tree services Sydney.

3. It is no strange to hear the news of rising global warming every day. You could see that everywhere, news on television, articles on the internet, newspapers, and magazines printing the same, environmentalists talking about it with so much concern.

The average temperature all around the world is increasing at an alarming rate and the key factor contributing to that is the declining rate of tree coverage. With so much construction going on, for large buildings, highways, or malls.

The trees have been removed and with their absence, the moment you take on streets you could feel that there is so much heat which radiates through it now, making your city warmer.

4. Now that we have talked about the air purifying ability of trees, it’s time to look at the air conditioning ability as well. You can say goodbye to the air conditioner if you have ample trees present in your area which will also help in saving up a lot of money as well for you. Apart from that, you will be contributing to reducing the emission level of carbon dioxide as well.

5. Trees also help in saving precious water for you, so here we have one more ability apart from the air purifier and air conditioner. By having more trees, you will get more shade which will eventually slow down the process of evaporation of the water present in the vegetation around the shade of the tree. For a healthy survival of the tree, they need 16-20 gallons of water a week whereas in return they release 250-375 gallons of water per day.

6. The water which you get from stormwater is highly concentrated with phosphorus and nitrogen pollutants. These can turn quite fatal if they go on to meet the oceans and other water bodies without getting the required filtration. Trees help with the filtration here by absorbing this water through soil and saving us from these harmful pollutants.

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