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Virtual Desktops and its Advantages for Small Organizations in 2022

With remote working becoming more and more popular, using a virtual desktop is crucial in order to be productive when working from home or on the go.

In 2022, there are thousands of companies which have been struggling with developing a way to work from home without the need for big infrastructures in their buildings. Remote working was always difficult because it doesn’t allow for face-to-face conversations or quick interactions like in the office. This created friction when working remotely, making people less productive than in an office environment. However, virtual desktops are changing that completely.

Let’s take a look at how small companies benefit from using Virtual Desktops today and how they might evolve in 2022:

Virtual Desktops allow for work-life balance

Working from home is an amazing opportunity to achieve a perfect work-life balance. A lot of companies are embracing the idea of remote working in order to reduce time spent commuting, decrease turnover rates and increase their employees’ quality of life.

Virtual Desktops are changing this because they are allowing people to work from anywhere, not just their homes. People can use the technology to connect seamlessly with their office desktops or laptops and keep working as if they were there.

Virtual Desktops allow for companies to reduce costs

Big companies already started embracing virtual desktops because it helps them save money. They usually prefer colocation hosting and dedicated virtual desktop services, which is why they enjoy the benefits of high availability and company-wide VPN.

Smaller companies only use VDI infrastructures for remote workers since it’s cost-effective and offers great value for money. Virtual desktops are way cheaper than traditional desktops because there is no need to maintain the operating system or hardware.

Virtual desktops allow for people to increase their productivity

Even though big companies can use dedicated desktops, small companies save a lot of money by using virtual desktops. Here at Heimdal, we offer a pay as you go billing model that allows you to save the most money. By only paying for what you need, it’s very easy to adapt your services to changing needs.

We are already seeing the benefits of virtual desktops in home offices and small companies, but its usefulness is only going to increase in 2022. We believe that virtual desktops will be used by most employees within 5 years because they offer too much value not to use.

Virtual Desktops allows for Safe and Secure Access to Private Data

As more and more employees work remotely, the need for a secure and safe connection is growing. People don’t want their private data to be compromised during remote working sessions because cyber threats are now very real. The best way to keep your company protected against those threats is by using virtual desktops as the gateway between you and the rest of your data.

Virtual Desktops allow for faster deployment times

Remote workers are usually employees that are already part of the team, so they don’t need to go through a complicated on boarding process when they’re hired. Virtual desktops help with this because after setting up the infrastructure, you can just add more virtual desktops when you need them.

Virtual Desktops allow for better and faster collaboration and communication

The idea of “working together in the same place at the same time” will become a thing of the past in 2022. With more people working from home, it might be difficult to continue having traditional face-to-face conversations or impromptu meetings. Virtual desktops will help with this by offering a plethora of collaboration tools.


In 2022, Virtual Desktops  will make remote working a great experience for everyone. Employees might not be able to work from home as often as they do today, but the transition will be smooth and effective. Virtual desktops will allow for a perfect balance between work and life by giving people the freedom to work from anywhere.

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