What is Medical Digital Marketing and What Makes it Unique?

Digital marketing is a critical component in the success of many modern small businesses. But for medical professionals and care providers, managing their practice’s online presence is rarely the highest priority. An SEO agency specializing in medical digital marketing can assist with everything from website development to content writing and can help a medical practice climb the search engine rankings. 

Digital marketing for your medical company or practice requires a close understanding of how the business operates, the conditions or injuries you treat, and the types of patient leads you are seeking. Growing a medical practice also requires careful attention to online reviews through platforms like Yelp and Google My Business- in the medical field, online reputation management is essential. 

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field, which makes ranking in Google a challenge for many businesses. Digital marketing specialists understand how Google’s ranking algorithms change over time and prepare your website for the ups and downs associated with keyword research and search engine rankings. Unfortunately, Google’s search algorithms aren’t the only thing that changes over time- the way people search for certain products and services changes in accordance with supply and demand. A careful understanding of how your industry is shifting is also important for marketing your business online.

 If growing your practice is one of your business goals, but you can’t hire a marketing specialist internally, then it’s time to call a digital marketing agency that specializes in medical digital marketing. Digital marketing that targets the medical field has a few defining characteristics that set it apart from retailers or other local services. Here are a few ways a digital marketing expert can help medical practice owners pursue leads and build traffic. 

Website Design 

For any small business, the company website is essential digital real estate that should feature a well-organized design. Before beginning any other digital marketing avenues, it’s important to make sure that your website is well-optimized, with minimal on-page errors, no broken links, and high-quality content. For medical professionals, your practice’s website should center around a contact or appointment scheduling page. 

Each webpage should feature specific calls to action (CTA) that direct users towards booking an appointment and signing up the receive care as soon as possible. Medical practice websites should be as transparent as possible, particularly when it comes to introducing your team. It’s important to use the website’s space to introduce your practice through its people so potential patients feel comfortable reaching out. 

Content Marketing for Medical Businesses 

High-quality, relevant content is a must-have for any medical business website to answer questions and explain medical concepts related to the treatment you offer. Your website content should aim to provide a resource for Google users searching for medical answers or advice. The word, phrase, or term that Google users search for are referred to in the digital marketing landscape as a keyword. Keyword research is an essential first step in planning your site’s content and developing each landing page. 

Content that targets a specific and relevant keyword will bring users from the SERP (search engine results page) to your website, establish the authority of your practice, and interest the user in your practice’s care options. Website content should be written in natural and easy-to-read language, particularly when breaking down major medical concepts related to your practice. Website content should avoid stuffing in keywords or search terms throughout the content- this may decrease the ranking of the page or your website as a whole.  

Many medical business or practice owners don’t have the time to write content for their website but aren’t sure where to find writers who have relevant medical knowledge. A digital marketing agency specializing in marketing for medical businesses is often the best solution for developing content for your practice’s website that proves your business’s expertise and medical know-how.  

Reputation Management

Your reputation and the word-of-mouth surrounding your practice often play a significant role in your marketing successes and failures. Managing the reviews of a medical business online can prove challenging for many professional care providers. It’s important to respond to reviews as soon as possible, particularly when the review is negative. It’s also important to check where your business is receiving spam reviews- most platforms allow business owners to report and take down these reviews.

Managing your online reviews allows your business to prove you are listening and responsive to patient feedback. Managing these negative reviews is vital for attracting new customers. In fact, as many as 87% of your potential patients read reviews of your business before deciding to contact or book an appointment. This reputation management process is often part of the services offered by medical digital marketing professionals. 

On-Page SEO

Continued Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business can help prevent your website from dropping in the search results page rankings. Errors are inevitable for any website, especially when uploading new content, updating your site’s information, or changing out contact information. Maintaining your site by adding meta-descriptions and schema markup is also important, as is fixing any broken links that show up. On-page search engine optimization is a key part of medical digital marketing that will ensure your business continues to get leads online.

Conclusion– What is Medical Digital Marketing and What Makes It Unique?

Digital marketing for a medical practice or business is essential for driving patient leads and website traffic. It’s also an opportunity to showcase the best of your brand and how your practice is a standout option for patients. A digital marketing agency that has experience working with medical SEO and content writing can help your business establish a positive online presence with content that advertises your expertise and a website that makes it easy to get care.

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