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Why do you need a multi-tenant IP PBX software

Businesses are based on the basic premise of collaboration and communication. In the era of cyber threats and information leaks, it becomes even more pertinent to have secure connectivity for seamless communication to perform your tasks without worrying. This is why companies prefer to use a phone system that is end-to-end secure.  But how do you know which solution is better for you? A quick search on the internet can throw up terms such as VoIP-based (Voice over internet protocol) or IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Bank Exchange), which are often used interchangeably to describe an IP-based business phone system. 

What is an IP PBX phone system

For a start, you know that the IP PBX system is based on internet protocol to transmit voice. IP PBX phone systems convert analog voice signals into digital to direct it to VoIP service. And then the VoIP service provider manages the call from start to end. Each call is routed in this manner using twin advantages offered by SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and PBX, which uses SIP trunking.

Benefits of IP PBX system for businesses

More or less, you are now familiar with the basics of an IP PBX phone system, but let’s understand why it is a preferred phone system for businesses worldwide.

  1. Reduced cost of communication – IP PBX phone systems help to cut phone bills significantly, reducing the overall cost of communication.
  2. Unified platform: An IP PBX software allows you to communicate with your branch offices all around the world with the support of a unified platform, while also authorizing people to reach you on your extension without really knowing where you are situated.
  3. Easy deployment with existing hardware: Setting up an IP PBX system does not require you to change hardware configuration. The existing hardware of an PBX system can be easily tweaked to upgrade to an advanced IP PBX platform.
  4. Scalability: The IP PBX system offers effortless scalability to businesses so you can increase the number of voice channels with minimal changes. 

Offering significant advantages, it is no wonder that organizations are now switching to IP PBX technology for better uptime and support. But picking up a software provider among the lot can be a daunting task. But you can place trust on a reliable VoIP software provider, HoduSoft, which is already helping multiple big ITSP’s (Internet Telephony Service Providers) and enterprises to securely run their businesses. HoduSoft’s cutting edge VoIP-based IP PBX software—HoduPBX, provides a unified platform with a simple interface.

Know what is HoduPBX IP PBX software

HoduPBX facilitates the Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to offer hosted PBX services to their customers in their brand. ISP’s can provide PBX services as a combo pack along with internet services.

Offered as a multi-tenant IP PBX software for ITSP’s and single tenant IP PBX for Enterprises, HoduPBX can be customized according to your needs. A multi-tenant IP PBX phone system lets you use a single network for the entire system with centralized control for all tenants. Each tenant gets their own control of configurations and settings. This is useful for ISTPs, who need to host multiple tenants.

Whereas, a single tenant IP PBX supports one tenant and is great for companies that want to use it in their office. HoduPBX lets you choose one that’s most suitable for your needs.

Key features of HoduPBX multi-tenant IP PBX software

Isolation and Cohesion

What is remarkable in multi-tenant IP PBX software is the ability to do both isolation and cohesion at the same time. It does this by having a tenant-user model. Each tenant can have multiple users of the system, who can function independently. Read on to understand the process:

  • Each tenant and its extension is isolated as far as call records, permissions, rates, and databases are concerned. Each one operates as an independent user. However, it is possible to collate records of the users who are branched under the tenant, as is seen in a corporation with several branches. This makes for easy accounting, ease of use for users within a tenant group, and better management of communication.
  • Tenants can generate precise reports on a defined group of users in a multi-tenant IP PBX system.
  • Users within a branched system have a compact phone list and their call data goes into their CRM. Particularly, the intercom feature becomes compact and easy to use since it is confined to a specified user group.
  • At the same time, the tenant with users branched under him has overview and control of CDRs of each of the independent users and their activity.

Revenue generation for service providers 

Service providers have the freedom to offerIP PBX as a service, adding to their revenue stream in the process. Since it is multi-tenant, the HoduPBX solution guarantees security and confidentiality for each defined tenant. The main service provider can appoint resellers and define rate structure and this works in tandem with CDR, billing, and payment.

Billing and payment

With each tenant being responsible for their payment, it means less hassle in collection through integrated gateway. Since billing is tied to CDR, it is helpful in automated invoice generation and also service requests through IVR or other means. The main tenant, say an ITSP may have multiple users who are charged differently and pay the tenancy fee to ITSP. Here again, each user under the ITSP has access to automated billing and payment gateways as well as issue resolutions or request handling.

Auto provisioning

Auto provisioning improves functionality and reduces manual operations to provide uninterrupted services. As an intelligent IP PBX software solution, it enables customers to set up and make adjustments to services themselves by using a Web browser or other interface. This helps in significant saving in time while improving both productivity and efficiency of the customer service agents. HoduPBX has auto provisioning feature which lets you enjoy fast set up and inclusion of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phones seamlessly into the network. HoduPBX dashboard control of auto provisioning features give you flexibility to set up phones and assign permissions. Firmware libraries and configuration files of most SIP phones are built into the solution for automatic recognition and configuration. With an easy plug-n-play approach it is easy to configure auto provisioning:

  • You can assign an extension user to the IP phone.
  • Connect, switch on and the phone becomes part of the network with a phone extension automatically assigned to it.
  • With the help of auto provision, the firmware of the phone can be updated if required.
  • Configure the software to give access to contact list
  • Import data from CSV file for bulk setup of selected phones.
  • Configuration of IP phone wallpapers and ringtones.

Privacy and security

HoduPBX provides isolation among tenants and extension users leading to better privacy within user groups and security.

Flexible use 

Tenants and their extension user can choose to use HoduPBX software through a desktop computer, plugin IP Phones or mobile phones. If you sign up for WebRTC inclusion then users can simply avoid having to invest in any hardware and use their existing computer/mobile to communicate through the browser interface.

SIP Trunking

With the ability to support 1000+ simultaneous calls on a single server, HoduPBX powered with SIP trunking eliminates the need of installing complex traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony). With the help of SIP Trunking as a service, ITSPs, ISPs, and Telecoms can easily create their own trunk to receive traffic from the customer’s site or to send traffic to the customer’s site.

The feature-rich HoduPBX also supports most used CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SMS integration platforms. Moreover, it also has a HoduPhone application, available both on Google Play and Apple Store for easy access of IP PBX software through smart phones.  For laptops and desktops with Google Chrome web browser, the same can be accessed through Google Chrome Extension.

Join the bandwagon

HoduPBX is the most versatile, yet customisable IP PBX solution that you will get in the market at an affordable price. It’s time for you to get on the fast lane and join the list of our growing customers in 34 countries, who trust us for their communication needs. Reach our customer sales representative to know more: +1 707-708-4638

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