Your Ultimate Moving Out Checklist

You have packed your materials for moving interstate. The moving date has been finalized. Sadly, this doesn’t mean the work is done until you hand over the house key. You better take charge of the last cleaning tasking on the moving day, if you want to raise the chances to get your deposit back as far as possible or you want to leave the house in the optimum form for the next occupant.

Be sure that on the way with this vital End of Lease cleaning checklist, you have nothing missed. All around the Building get your bond back guaranteed.

Ideally, when you go around the house from the top down, you want to work and tidy up. When you dust or clear, you can storm some of the stain or produce dirt that will fit into the floor automatically, which will ensure you will just end up having to come back to do it again, if you start your house cleaning list by vacuuming the floors!

Tips for Moving home for first time?

The size of the property determines your moving house checklist can be calculated with a floor plan. We also developed a complete cleaning checklist to support you, which can be used as a guideline for a stress free moving process.

Remove all but personal possessions

Remove all personal property from the house first and foremost. It also means from furniture and wardrobe to racking and wall decor.

Removal of scrap

All trash, including white goods, is properly removed and disposed of.


Cleaning all supplies and closets inside and outside, range hood. Deep cleaning of fittings; decomposition of all tiled zones; wiping and smoothing of the ledges and walls.


Walls are stained and spot marks are cleaned away.


Vacuumed and steamed carper floors (Upon Request, Additional charges applies)

Hard floors

Vacuums, scrubbing, sanitizing and mopping hard floors, if necessary


Cleaned carpets, deep clean for all laundries; fix bathrooms and showers double check for toilet paper. Scrubbed and washed mirrors, shower and steel fitting.

Curtains and mirrors are washed in boardrooms. Deep cleaning of both cupboard and closet. The washing machine and sanitation of all door fittings, walls, and ledges and sill.

Indoor windows are washed with mirrors. Crossroads and exits. Wash all the cupboards and wardrobes deep. Any accessories, walls, boards and sills were washed and cleaned up.


Windows were washed for including sliding doors. Rails have been cleaned, like tracks.

Car space/garage

cobwebs, sweat, gasoline spills have been washed and leaks have been checked.

Remove scratches and paint markings

Take a quick taste of the color that suits your wall before going out to your nearest paint shop. To erase any marks or sticks left on the walls, use this paint. Make sure the baseboards and other extremely glossy areas pay care to them, so they appear to stain more quickly than matt walls.

Prepare Cleaning Equipment’s

Don’t go unprepared to battle have your cleaning and fixing equipment set. Investment in these materials is necessary since they will continue to be of value in the long term. These tools are required to clean your old house and your new house.

Here are some of the main tools from your collection that should be ticked:

• Cloths with microfiber

• Scrubbers and brushes of different kinds

• Bucket and mop

• Cleaning Chemicals

• Dustpan and broom

• Assassinated wall

• Stuffing steps

• Hammer and Nails

• Sprinklers and disinfectants

These tools are needed to get cleaning underway. The cleaning is not free and you would both need a time and effort mix, if you want to do this yourself, to ensure you satisfy your landlord’s strict specifications. You should not have to care about the purchase of these tools if you have opted to opt instead for a cleaning company.

Will you have to contract services for cleaning?

You have two ways to clean the house: either you can clean the house yourself or you can employ a professional cleaning service which is highly recommended. If you rent, because it depends on the security deposit, it could be worth having a bond cleaning service to ensure the money is returned. .

On the other hand, it is definitely the most realistic choice for you to clean your property if you hope to save as much of your money as possible. Residents and real estate agents will have little time to clean a vast property and also intend to hire a cleaning service.

How much cleaning can you do?

Don’t know when to clean the deep?

After removing all your furniture and personal items, we suggest that you start cleaning the house. This not only means that any nook and cranny can be cleaned. After everything, beneath fridges and other personal household products you would not have to think about.

Furthermore, it can be a dirty process to pack and move particularly if you or movements track dirt in the home. The smart approach is to scrub the floors and walls until the movers are finished, with the items taken out of the house. Make sure you intend to clean at least two days in advance of the move. This will allow yourself plenty of time before new tenants move in to clean the house.


Ignore the checklist and raise the probability of the final rental inspection. Before you do some plans, you can also study improvements in rent laws due to COVID-19. You should also employ a lease cleaner that is willing to give the best lease cleaning in Sydney and help you get back the bond sum without any leasing conflicts. For hassle free experience choose Dirt2tidy move out with carpet steam cleaning for a desired result and peace of mind.

No matter what the size or sort of property is or don’t forget might be risking a security deposit, make sure you absolutely clean and disinfect the property. Because removal or termination of lease cleaning requires experience, be sure to employ the best company in Sydney to pay attention to specifics in terms of lease cleaning from professional cleaning team rather than DIY methods.

They will change the whole feature of your apartment or house without offering a touch of tension with the right equipment and techniques. The best thing is to keep your unique cleaning requirements in regard for professional service according to a standard test list accepted by REISA.

Some people, though, still want to save these extra bucks themselves. The full moving cleaning checklist is included, which is simple and reliable for first-time users.

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